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Maxximus: Grün

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This special hoop is unique in the world!

The Maxximus is not only extremely robust, it also feels incredibly good and hugs your hips fantastically.

What we don’t want to ignore: the Maxximus needs power and doesn’t feel like standing in the corner. Can you take him on

You can choose the tape you want here. If you would like 2 decorative tapes, please select “2 tapes wound crosswise” and simply state at the end of the order (when making a note) which colors you would like from our color palette on your Maxximus.

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 1 kg
Größe 100 × 100 × 7.5 cm

100cm, 105cm, 90cm


1 Tape Blau, 1 Tape Braun, 1 Tape Gelb, 1 Tape Grau, 1 Tape Grün, 1 Tape Lila, 1 Tape Orange, 1 Tape Pink, 1 Tape Rot, 1 Tape Schwarz, 1 Tape Weiß, 2 Tapes (cross gewickelt)

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